Sunday, July 22, 2012

Barn Sale-Distressed Furniture & Vintage Goodies Up Close

This is the second part of a three day post about an incredible barn sale featuring upcycled and distressed furniture and vintage treasures gleaned throughout rural North Central Ohio. Please read my prior post Barn Sale-Distressed Furniture and Vintage Goodies and view the century old farm house and lovely property. Today's pictures will focus inside the barn with an up close look at the vignettes and the variety of treasures Teri has gathered for this annual barn sale. There is an eclectic mix of primitive, rusty, shabby chic, industrial and mid-century modern. Teri and her husband paint all the forlorn furniture pieces but if the patina is just right leave it as is. So off we go on a photo journey...

I couldn't resist the vintage wire basket

The scooter found it way to my house

The little vintage cookbook also came home with me

As much as I loved this I with held the urge to buy it because  I aready have three

This sweet piece came home with me.

I love the old music rolled up in the candle holders
The last post will focus on how Teri incorporates vintage elements into her country landscape.( By the way, I stopped by the last day of her 4 day sale and that barn was picked clean). 



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  1. I love a good barn sale....a lot of goodies and the barn is so clean too! Can you please email me your address so I can send your prizes, I sent you an email maybe you didn't get it.

  2. The sign really caught my eye...I'd park illegally for that! Love all these vintage treasures and it's no surprise the barn was picked clean. Thanks for sharing everything.

  3. Thanks so much for coming to the party!! Gosh, you just can't beat a barn sale!! What GREAT stuff!! Hope you'll come back for the final week of our July blog hop this Friday!!

  4. Does your friend Teri have a facebook page or way to get on a mailing list to know about her sales? They look absolutely amazing! If you could email me any information, I would greatly appreciate it.


  5. I don't know how you got out of there without spending a fortune! Everything was so wonderful. I loved all the painted furniture. Great photos too!

  6. Hey there! I know I already said this on your last post, but this is one great barn sale! I too would love to have more info on this sale. I'm pretty close to Ohio and would gladly make the trip!

  7. wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!! Looks like a place I would love!!!


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