Monday, April 23, 2012

Linda Murray Design- White Bedroom , Pops of Color

I hope you all had a happy Monday!
Today we are going to pick back up with the Murray home tour and I want to show you one of the upstairs bedrooms  lavished in white yet has pops of color with the fluffiest bedding you have ever experienced.   It just makes you want to climb in and snuggle under the covers (particularly on a cold spring day like we experienced here in Ohio). The thing I love most about these rooms is that everything has been collected or designed over time and once again everything is timeless and filled with charm. Enjoy!

Queen Bed and Junior Bed For The Grandchildren

The pops of color are perfect

Love this vintage nightstand

Clever storage baskets

Curl up in this chair with a good book and hot cup of tea

In the next post we will  check out more images of  fluffy white bedrooms. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Support "The Church Ladies"

Recently, I posted about supporting small shops and honoring their hard work and talents. Today I want to talk about another opportunity to support some very important people when you are out and about on weekends thrifting and that is "The Church Ladies."

You know, the sweet faithful folks that work all the church bazarres, swiss steak dinners, rummage sales, bake sales, local church food banks, and send the money they make to church missions. I love to go the rummage sales at the local churches, or if their is a city wide sale I always grab a bite to eat at the local church booth.

 A few years ago when Bill and I were in the Finger Lakes Region of New York we drove a distance to an antique shop as they were having a special festival. Outside, under a tent awning, were a group of grey haired women from a local church happily serving hot dogs, sloppy joes, chips, cookies, pies (you have to have church lady pie), lemonade and pop. They were so shocked that my husband didn't want condiments on his hot dog (we could hear them commenting on how surprised they were that he turned down the mustard). Pretty soon one of the ladies circled around us picking up trash and sweetly reminded Bill that the condiments were still over on the table if he changed his mind. We just smiled and reassured her we had everything we needed. Just the best hospitality you could ever want!

You might wonder why I have such a strong affection for church ladies. Well, my mom is a church lady and has been for over 50 years. Last weekend our entire family gathered at the church that my family has belonged to for about 80 years. It was United Methodist Women Sunday and they had a special recognition for my mom who has served God so well through her work at the church. 

It was nice to see mom without her cobbler apron and in front of the church rather than  in the kitchen.
 So next weekend make sure you look up the local church rummage sale and support "The Church Ladies!"


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Junkster to Plumster

A few posts ago I talked about a cool daily deal site called Pick Your Plum. http://pickyourplum.com
I have purchased a few things from PYP that I want to share  with you. I bought small wooden tags that were dirt cheap. I plan on painting them with black chalk board paint and using them to label food items at Scott's graduation party. I also bought some cool door knobs to switch up the dated brass knobs on my bathroom vanity. The knobs are shabby porcelain with the same color as the shower curtain. We are getting ready to paint everything once we have the living room ceiling plaster  repaired which should be finished up tomorrow. We have white dust everywhere and the couch is in the kitchen until tomorrow night. ugh! 

Hope you are having a great week!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Visit To Winsome Cottage

One of the things I enjoy is perusing and supporting shops that owners have carefully selected and artfully arranged treasures into stunning displays.  I was able to download a few pictures from my phone of Winsome Cottage in Waynesville and you will admire Mary Kay's keen sense of style and passion for vintage creations. She is also very supportive of local artisans and brings in hand made jewelry and other home accessories that are just darling. Please stop by her blog Winsome Cottage http://winsomecottageshop.blogspot.com/ and read her tales of being a shop owner and her experiences holding classes on how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a store will appreciate her journal about daily life in a small town.

 Mary Kay Assisting Customers
Another great place to check out is Perfectly Charming in Medina, Ohio.They have a website www.perfectlycharmingmedina.com/ (click on recent displays).

Thanks for stopping by and remember to support small shops!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Fantastic Finds

I hope you all had a fantastic spring break and joyous Easter celebration. Bill and I started spring break with a mini vacation to The Springfield Antique Mall then on to the quaint village of Waynesville for a day of shopping in a town filled with darling antique and specialty shops. I met fellow blogger Mary Kay who owns Winsome Cottage- and her shop is just delightful!  We had a wonderful conversation and I learned so much about using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I bought two quarts and a can of wax! I had just rescued a dresser and a chair  from a garage sale the week before so I can hardly wait to begin those projects. We were laughing because
 " we bloggers"  depend on pictures to illustrate our posts however neither one of us had a camera that day to capture our experience. Mary Kay had a new phone that she was not too familiar with for taking pictures. We had left our camera back at the hotel, took pictures on our phones but have had trouble downloading them! Geez!! Since then my sweet husband bought me a smaller camera that I can fit in my purse. We had a great experience -thanks so much Mary Kay!
Here are some of my Fantastic Finds from Waynesville... 

Mercury Glass Candle Holder From Winsome Cottage
Aqua Enamel Bucket For My Bathroom Redo

Metal Buttons

Black Buttons

 Red Hot Dots- Vintage Fabric

The last day we went the Heritage Square Antique Mall in Columbus and I just loved the creative booths we saw! I was able to visit another blogger Polly's booth called Georgie Emerson and Motley Junket. I bought a few things and just meandered around looking at some of the coolest vignettes I have ever seen! 
I Couldn't Pass Up This Vintage Tray!

 I Adore this Little Button Yo-Yo Vintage Flower Pin!

Sweet Ironstone Dish

The rest of the break was spent doing yard work in order to prepare for the graduation party we will have in a few months. The weather was terrific and I am so grateful for the blessings we have been provided by God!
 Here are some of photos taken with the new camera of the exterior of our home that is now ready for Spring....

Container is an Old Bicycle Basket

 As Always-I so appreciate you stopping by to visit" What's Old Is New."