Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clean and Simple Bathroom Design

I am so excited to show you more of the Murray home stylish features. Natural materials and impeccable craftsmanship achieve the look that is so unique and special. The first few photos completes the living room and hallway tour.They show you a few different vignettes and design elements such as the large window which allows you to look through rooms to give the living space an open airy feel. 

Rosie looking out at the screened in back porch. The window goes from floor to ceiling.


The rest of the photos today show you the guest half-bath. Again, you will see simple clean design with creative ways to hang artwork.
Artwork hung below the shuddered bathroom window.

Sink artisan hand thrown pottery.

 Have you enjoyed the house tour this month? I have a few more rooms to show you as we head into April and of course I will be posting some of my special finds I discover as more garage doors go up this spring!
Thanks for visiting today! Hubby and I are going on a two day excursion to the Springfield Antique Mall and to Southern Ohio to Waynesville to visit some super cute shops! Stay tuned!! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Relaxing Retreat

The Murray home has a generous amount of white and combines textures with subtle hues to add to the serenity of each room. Accesories are a mix of old and new which creates a comfortable warmth to the home. Here are pictures of the entrance and of the living room area.

 Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you return to see more vintage design!


Monday, March 19, 2012

An Abundance of Design Details

As promised, I am sharing additional photos of the exterior features of the Murray home. As you can see Linda's attention to details is extraordinary.Nothing is ever overlooked when she is immersed in a project and the love and care she has given to her own home is a true testimony of her timeless style that everyone loves. Every material and design feature is carefully selected therefore giving the home unique character. She is a firm believer that the exterior of the home needs to be an introduction to the interior style. She is masterful at accomplishing that vision in all her projects. Enjoy!
 Photos: Linda Murray Design

Please return later this week as we enter their home and continue the photographic tour!

See you later!