Friday, April 18, 2014

Clara Belle's Attic

 I have been the queen of sporadic blogging- like going forever between posts. I have been active on Pinterest which is where most of my page views have come from which is great and I am happy if my past posts have inspired one person with an idea.

I just wanted to introduce a new vintage endeavor my friend and I have started which is Clara Belle's Attic. We are a little vintage shop that travels to vintage shows and we specialized in just a little bit of everyting including primitive, shabby chic, industrial,and a bit of mid century modern.We have had great success with the last two shows and our next show is The Rural Society Show in Mt. Vernon Ohio May 3, 2014.
This was our first show:

This was our second show which was primitive.

Please check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clarabellesattic

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Also please check out my post from 2012 when I did a feature on the Rural Society Show

And join us for the show in May!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

VintageTheme Baby Shower

Okay so it has been a looooong time since I have posted on my blog. Like over a year. So why am I posting now? Quite simply it is my baby grandson due February 14, 2014 that is prompting me to write again. I hosted a vintage baby shower for my daughter-in-law Jenna on a lovely autumn Sunday. We had about 50 people attend and I just wanted to share some ideas with you that made the day so special. My friend Barb and I did the brainstorming and attended to the details and I had many friends helping in the kitchen and with the decorating the day of the shower. We decided to do a vintage baby theme which allowed me to use so many of things my friends and I collect which really helped save on cost. I borrowed my neighbors teddy bears which provided a good solid base for the centerpiece when using 60" round tables. I selected baby boy word flash cards and paired them with vintage toys that represented each word. Vintage metal lunch boxes helped provide different levels to arrange the toys on. Little Golden books, blocks, marbles and little vintage shoes also rounded out each vignette. We used my vintage bow tie collection or ribbons to" dress up" each bear.( It was cute watching my husband create a tie with ribbon on a few of the bears.) Red, light yellow and light blue balloons were tied onto the bears arm. I made a chalkboard sign to greet everyone and to point them to the room.
Here are the vintage baby shower centerpieces:

The food table serving area was created using old toys. My father-in-law made the wooden toys for my boys when they were little and it meant so much to Steve to see them again.

 Vintage educational picture cards were pinned to clothes line to create a banner for the food table.

Recycled empty Starbucks Frappucino bottles made cute drink containers.

Jenna's friend Courtney made all the food and this adorable fruit baby!
We rolled out craft paper on each table and had each guest use crayons to write down their guess for the date of birth, size  and what color of hair and eyes  the baby might have and we asked them to sign it. Here is what one guest drew:  
We covered the gift table with a quilt and used a vintage crib to place gifts.

Jenna and Steve are naming the baby William Michael and calling him Liam. Here are the expectant parents.

We asked 14 different  family and friends to read one scripture passage about God's blessing with a baby. After reading the passage they handed it to Jenna. Jenna and Steve will now have one passage to reread each of the 14 days of February.
 I hope you enjoyed our vintage baby shower!