Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sprucing Up For Company

Last week we were extremely busy working on getting the house ready to paint. My dad, who is a painting contractor, and my brother came in and painted  the ceilings of every room and the walls of the living room, guest bath and bedroom, master bed and bath. We are working on getting a vintage chandelier rewired and hanging that up in the dining room then taking the ceiling fan and  putting  it up in the guest room. Good grief, all this for a graduation party for which most of the people will not even be inside to see the rooms (unless it rains).Why is it that we drive ourselves crazy getting ready for company when more than likely people either won't see it or remember what the house looked like? It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray tells Debra that she is trying to create a" fake house". Oh well, I guess it just provides us with the inspiration to do things that need to be done that we just keep putting off.
 It will be the same thing when it comes to the food- all the last minute decisions we make about extra food because we are sure we will run out. My sister-in-law calls it kitchen rage. All our family members suffer from that at the holidays or special events.
So today I am going to share the ugly side of getting ready for company. Tearing up the entire house so projects can be completed. Pure chaos but it will get put back together again soon.

Replacing brass knobs on vanity from ones I purchased from Pick Your Plum

Bathroom Before

 Replacing light fixture in bathroom

 Looks like an episode form Hoarders

Living Room painted Maine Cottage Milk

 New color in guest room  Maine Cottage Good Egg

Guest Bath Maine Cottage Porch

I will show you some" after pictures" when I get more of the details back in order.Thanks for stopping by!

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