Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gussied Up Guest Bedroom

Barb's guest bedroom will be the featured room for today. It was one of those redesigns where we went around her own home to shop for for things that would work in a spare room in order to give it some spunky charm. She is an avid shopper so we had plenty to pick from when we put this room together about a year ago. The foundation layers were already there with the nice paint color and cute curtains that she designed.She featured vintage glass doorknobs she retrieved from her husband's grandparents home when it was sold. She had the large dresser and the bed but did not have a headboard. We used the vintage chippy window for the headboard and it was a perfect size for the bed frame. We moved an interesting cupboard in for the bedside table and hung the shabby shelf with vintage glass doorknobs by the door to the bathroom. The chair is vintage that she had recovered in a white canvas type material. The little book cabinet with glass shelves is filled with some old college text books that we had her sweet hubby recover with white paper. I think anyone can have sweet dreams in here.......

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