Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rin Tin Tin

I hope you had a terrific weekend. We had some snow and cold here in North Central Ohio. I went to another auction and bought some more buttons. I bid on a few more things but crazy people are also there with no bidding boundaries. At least I stayed focused! Tonight I am just going to post some pictures  of some tins I have in our family room. I love old picnic tins and lunch boxes so you will get a glimpse of some I have displayed. I am really cheap so I have not spent much on these. I try to just pick them up at garage sales, thrift stores, church and organization fundraiser sales.I store games, books and other stuff in them. I have some in my attic I use at the holidays.One of the recent things I have picked up are metal tackle boxes or tool boxes. If they have fun vintage color I snatch them up. I need to re purpose them better for storage. It may be weird but I have one in my living room and one in my family room. Think unconventional! Later- Cathy

I use a vintage typewriter table as an end table.


  1. Yikes, sorry I was typing with the wrong fingers, lol.
    Trying again here...

    All your tin displays are very artistic. I especially love the blue tins with the books, and blue Roseville. Just lovely!

  2. What a great collection! A lady after my own heart!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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