Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mental Vacation- Images of Old World Charm

I have about zero creativity rolling around in this cough laden head of mine. I can't believe how fast February has gone. This time of year our family starts discussing vacations and gearing up to go south over spring break. This year will be different with Jenna and Steve moving and Scott going away on a school trip to Disney. Looks like hubby and I will be Ohio bound this year. I suppose it is a good thing since we will be able to get the house ready for a graduation party that we will be hosting in a few months. So as I dream of places I won't be going I thought I would share a few pictures that my friend took when she went on a trip this fall . She lives in Turkey and these were from the Kaz Mountain region. They were taken in the morning when the fog was lifting. It looks like a different world.

I would like to show you a couple of pictures I took when Bill and I went on a trip to Cape Cod few years ago. I absolutely love the way the hollyhocks are framed in the old shuddered windows.

 I hope you enjoyed the few snapshots that have been my favorites for a long time.
Stay Warm and Healthy!

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