Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Decorate A Nook and Cranny Hallway

Today I wanted to show you a few pictures of my hallway outside the bedroom area. I'm not sure if it fits into the nook or cranny category but let's just say it is a rather small space. I will show you the before and after pictures to illustrate that small spaces can take some bulk items to give it some pizazz.Everything was purchased at garage sales or thrift shops.My dad painted the little table and chairs decorator white(it had been ugly brown wood). Most of the transformation comes from the scale of the wall art. My biggest mistake I make is not keeping things in scale and Linda always comes to rescue on that, however I am trainable and have done so much better with it!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Cathy I am glad that you stopped by so I could find you :)
    I love how that came out! What a darling table and chair too !

    1. Thanks-I will posting another small table and chair that my neighbor has in her hall. Thanks for being a new follower!!


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