Monday, March 5, 2012

What's Movin' and Shakin'

I have been busy the last few days with family events but I wanted to share the latest news. This week Jenna and Steve take possession of their new home!( They lived with us for 15 months while she finished her undergraduate degree at the local university). We are so excited for them. Today when I got home from work Jenna had bought some sweet roses to say "Thank You" for everything.

 Hubby and I will be working like crazy to get our house back in order for a graduation party in the spring. I will post some pictures of our projects as they progress but today I will give you a sneak peek of a shower curtain we will hang in the front bathroom after we paint.(The fabric is a little more aqua than the photo represents).We will also be painting the guest room and furnishing that room with a spare bed.

Shelly Fabric From Maine Cottage

I Love Rick Rack

 What's movin' and shakin' for you this spring?  Cathy   

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