Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Create Child Inspired Vintage Vignettes

Did you find this week as crazy busy as I did? This time of year really ramps up at work. I am the director of a preschool that provides services for children with and without disabilities and we begin transitioning activities to prepare children for kindergarten. We will be assessing and meeting with families of 95 children. How exciting to see how the children have developed! (We always have a box of tissue handy to catch our tears of joy during these meetings.)I have worked in the field of special education for 29 years as a speech pathologist, special education consultant, education assessment project coordinator, professional development coordinator and administrator. Every year brings new challenges, commitments, and educational opportunities.The children keep us real and keep us focused on what is really important in life. I have a little sign in my office that says " Count your blessings everyday" and truthfully, I do.
 I have a friend who is an administrator for a school that serves children with developmental disabilities. We are common "junksters" and love the thrill of the hunt at garage sales and thrift stores. We have philosophical discussions about why we love to rescue stuff. Is it because we have spent our careers rehabilitating children that have developmental delays? Is it just a time where we can let our mind relax and wander as we browse aimlessly at meaningless stuff? Sometimes I just love the" humbleness" that the stuff  represents.Regardless, I do focus on the colors and collections that are cheery and several of the vignettes in my house reflect the love of children. Here are a few of my examples using art, photos, vintage games, books ,furniture, toys and clothes or accessories.


Recently my brother was babysitting his granddaughter and he said he rolled out playdough for an hour. How awesome is that !!?? Remember the smell of playdough? So please.... take some time to reflect and enjoy child-like ways.

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