Sunday, March 18, 2012

Linda Murray Design Home

Linda and Granddaughter Elle
This month I would like to introduce my blogger friends to my neighbor's house. Those of you that have been following my blog for the last few months know that my neighbor is an interior designer and gutted and redesigned our cottage style home that we purchased 17 years ago. Linda and Joe purchased their home 30 years ago and have worked on their redesign project ever since. (Well Linda has, Joe just goes along with whatever she says!) What a good man! We have laughed that one our houses have had some kind of construction project going on for the last 30 years and Joe claims they must have bought their house twice! 
The Murray home was built in 1942 and the design features a mix of old (primitive) and new (modern) design with very clean lines and neutral ( primarily white) color palette. It is a very simple and functional approach with design elements influenced from Nantucket and Scandinavia. As Linda says " No whoop dee doos here. I work in colors and design all day and when I come home at night I just want to relax." Today I would like to start with a view of the outside. It demonstrates her love of white in the landscape and the house is simply charming!

Zoe the Neighborhood Watch Dog

Sweet Autumn Vine Rambling Over Picket Fence

 Siding - 12 Inch Tapered  Hemlock Boards Stained White From Vermont 

The Nantucket Light - Seagull  Lighting Company
 Charming Fence and Gate Made From Western Cedar

 Nantucket Side Light Flanking the Front Door
Benches -Linda Murray Design

Nestled Clay Pots of Ivy and Daisies

Still Watching the Neighborhood! 
Stay tuned as I continue to post additional exterior and interior photos.

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