Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips On How to Arrange Vintage Collections

I talked to Linda today to get some professional advice and wisdom about how to make collections work. I will discuss some of the tips she shared:

Tip #1  If you like the pile you will like the room or vignette you are trying to create.I have definitely heeded that advise when I look at my cart from a major thrift store binge. I do try to be selective with what I choose. Simple lines,favorite base colors such as white, blue green and aqua usually do the trick for me.

Tip#2  Rotate your stuff ... Or as my husband says the great crap exchange. Everything you love does not need to be out at the same time all the time. You are not going to hurt Aunt Martha's feelings if the special quilt she gave you is not out all the time. The rotation can be as few as one or two times a year or once a month. It all depends on your lifestyle, the stuff you have collected and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the effort. Personally, I go through spurts depending on what life is like.I do like "stuff" so I really need to restrain myself  and edit my collections. (Don't look in my closets LOL). 

Tip#3  Get another person's perspective. We all love the big reveal we see on all the HGTV shows. Linda said that feeling of a first impression when we walk into our house lasts about 3 months. After that everything becomes visually complacent and we need another perspective on our own stuff. That is why I find it easier to arrange collections in my friends house easier than in my own home. I did tell her it helps me to see my house when I look at the room through a window from outside or even through the lens of camera.It helps me to frame the room. So, the hardest house to create may be your own so call a creative friend!!

Tip#4 You may not love everything in your room.Sometimes you need pieces to to fill the space or blend in.I think that is the key to the displays that we find truly stunning. There is a quiet strength of the not - so -glamorous work horse such as boxes,fabric,lighting etc that give the collections the height, layer,texture, and pop of color that are so pleasing. 

Tip#5 Let the collections reflect your mood. It doesn't always just have to abide by the season. The year my father-in-law passed away in April  I planted my flower box in all green, white and grey foliage and it was beautiful, yet calm and serene. Linda loves daisies so she almost always has a few poking out of vases in her home. Sometimes, I love the color of the item or the vintage era so much I may leave it out most of time, such as my aqua wire fan.  Think about when you get up in the morning-where does the sunlight come in? Where do you need the zippety doo da and where do you need the quiet peacefulness? That will help determine where to place your favorite things!

Let's take a look at some of my collections. (These pictures are much better than the last time I posted.)

Thanks for visiting! Now go rearrange some of your stuff!!


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