Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Might Be A Junkster If..........

Well, I am having technical difficulties with my pictures of my trip to The Flower Child so that post will be delayed a few days until I can get the pictures "blog ready."

 Anyone who has collections knows that the stash has taken years to accrue so I wanted to provide my opinion (based on personal experience) on what it takes to be a "junkster."

 Sooooo you might be a junkster if.............

You plan your vacation days around your favorite annual community yard sales.

You pack your snacks in your back pack so you don't waste time stopping to eat.

You jump out of your car in hose and heels on your way to work and wade through dewy grass to snatch an old suitcase off the curb on trash day.

You have been on the back country roads going to sales all day and have been gone so long you pull up to a house that you have already been to earlier in the morning!

You tell the person in the passenger side " Oh goodie, I see a garage sale ahead. While I drive by slow, you stick your head out of the window to see if there is anything good."

Big barking dogs do not intimidate you from approaching a barn sale ( I scored an awesome cake plate for $2.00).

Your trunk,back seat, and floor is full and the only place left to store your junk is your lap. 

Your stairs to the attic look like a flea market.

You tell your son, " if you are good for just a few more sales we will stop at Burger King."

You have a network of thrift store/garage sale friends and you all call each other or text pictures of things they might like.

Co- workers leave random treasures on your desk that they think you might like. 

When you come in from lunch excited about a noon time thrift store purchase your secretary says" Oh my gosh, it's like you are on crack or something." 

You call your husband not one or two times but three different times in one morning to come pick up big items.

At one annual sale you arrive with a rollling cart and you plan strategy with your friend.

What is your junkster story????


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  1. Oh my goodness... I am guilty of almost all!!! :)


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