Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simply Red Part II - Retro Radios

Yesterday I wanted to write a post but instead I had a frustrating evening trying to connect Pinterest to my blog page. It was just one of those days that I could not get the technology to work... and even my technology prayer was not to be answered until today!!

 Sooo I wanted to show you some fun vintage radios I have been collecting over time.  The pictures I post will be of the item individually then as it looks in a vignette. I thought it may give you an idea of what or where you could place crazy things that capture your attention that you end up hauling home.

 The large red radio is from either the late 40's or 50's. It is a Crosley. I loved the style and the candy apple red color. I bought it when we went to the east coast a few years ago for our 30th wedding anniversery. That was the splurge item. I purchased the small transistor radios from the Old Lincoln Highway Yard Sale this past summer. I only gave a buck a piece for each of them. They remind me of the transistors I had when I was a kid.Come to think of it, no wonder I can't run technology! I grew up with AM radios only to be followed by eight tracks!

 Future Planning: I thought the radios might be cute hanging on a Christmas tree with some 45 records. The tree could be one of those silver trees and could go in a recreation room? Just a thought. 

Thanks for visiting today!

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