Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick Tip- Decorating " Free For All "

I have traveled a lot over the years for work and had collected many free soap bars from the hotels but never used them.  I unwrapped them and selected the colors that I wanted and put them in a cute thrift store glass container in my bathroom.
Funny story- one year my mom, sister-in-law, niece and I had an overnight Christmas shopping excursion and I collected the soap from the hotel and put it in one of the shopping bags. My husband wrapped some of the presents and  wrapped and  put the soap in our son's stocking.  Christmas morning my teenage son opened up this bar of soap with  the hotel's name on it. He was trying to be polite and and held it up and in a confused tone said "oh how nice a bar of soap from the Hilton". I looked at my husband and asked "why did you wrap up that bar of soap?" He said "I didn't know I thought it was a stocking stuffer."Oh my gosh, how desperate did we look to have to put a free hotel soap in our kids stocking! We still crack up about that every year when we unwrap stockings.

So here are some pictures of soap that is" Free For All". I did these pictures in a sepia tone. Not my best pictures but I continue to learn more each day. Thanks for visiting today!

Upcoming posts: More pictures from my house and collections and information about " What Is Old Is New" fun "field trips" to take with your friends. This weekend I am planning to go to The Flower Child in Lakewood Ohio. -Very cool vintage store!! (if the weather cooperates).
 In the  Future: I hope to invitie guest bloggers and and to take a photo peek at some interior spaces of some friend's houses. 

Please feel free to provide feeback about any post!

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