Monday, January 23, 2012

Dishes and Bottles and More... Oh My!

For the next few days I would like to continue  with a few more tips and pictures about collections.The pictures will consist of some vignettes of new items mixed with old. 

As Linda indicated yesterday "the new makes the old look older" - which is what I really love. I like something pristine beside something old.

Many times the collection begins with a special memory of a favorite relative, activity or place you cherished when you were growing up. Aprons, buttons, pretty dishes, old bottles, books, hats, jewelry are just a few of the things resonate with me. Personalizing the house can easily be accomplished with accessories and vignettes.

Make sure when you put your things together you have visual interest with the lamps, pictures,  and accessories.

Take your color palette and soften it in some rooms and punch it up in others.

Pretty clear glass bowl on some chippy stools.

Vintage linens, silverware and dishes with new clear vase and tray.

The glass cupboard is filled with old and new serving dishes and silverware gleened from thrift stores and yard sales.

New jar with towels, new lamp everything else vintage. 

New box from a thrift store for 4 bucks,new flower pot, everything else vintage.

Chippy box and old metal lunch pail new glass vase with candle.

Vintage books with new wire candle holder. 

 This is all vintage except for the large glass container with the lid.

Nice mix of old and new.

I really hope you enjoyed your visit with me today! Stay with me as I continue to post pictures!

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