Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheap Chic Wedding Planning

It's hard to believe that one year ago we were planning my son and daughter-in-law's wedding. Since this blog is about creativity I thought I would share with you "Cheap Chic" wedding ideas.I will also post pictures of some of the highlights. The wedding was June 19, 2011. The colors were from a summer sunset so it was blue and and a pinky/ orange.

Money saving tips:

Use bows and ribbons rather than flowers. 

Reuse the pew bows on the cake table.

We used cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. It saved so much money and everyone loved it!!

Cotton candy was selected for the wedding favors (like clouds in the summer sunset).

Use ferns for the alter area. They are cheap and make a big impact. We rolled the clay pots in white paint watered down to give them a softer look.

Have a friend cart them to the reception so they can be used in front or in back of the bridal table.

Use every coupon you can find from Joann Fabric. If you are an educator you can sign up for an educator's discount.

Recycled items can make great center pieces. Collect large clear glassware from thrift stores and  fill it with water and float candles. Be careful of scale on the large round tables. Make sure you use large centerpieces.

We were lucky and took advantage of the going out of business sale from our local Flower Factory and whatever we didn't have enough of we were able to research the supplier and buy it online.

Anchor the clear glass centerpieces with fabric draped around the container to give it more visual impact.

Look for gemstones and bling  to sprinkle around the tables on Craiglists-People are always looking to sell their bridal supplies.

Our neighbor had their trees trimmed in the spring and my neighbor Linda was driving by and told them we would take them. We spray painted them white and intertwined white lights and little silver vines in the trees. The trees were placed in gallon buckets with pea gravel.

Use spot lights in your wedding colors behind tables/screens to create more mood.

There are about 7 different types of ribbon in the bows. You will see them better on the cupcake table picture.

We bought ferns in the spring and planted a few that grew upright so we could cut them for the vases on the alter.

We borrowed the white bird cage type of candle holders from my friend. She bought them last season from Home Goods.

 Jenna's dear friend is an artist and she painted their initials on the runner. We got the idea from my niece.

 My hubby singing at our son's wedding. We promised we wouldn't look at each other so we wouldn't cry!

Cupcake table was my favorite! Linda my neighbor put it together.

Close up of the swags made from long fabric sheers. The sweet couple thanking everyone for being a part of their special day!

Cotton Candy!!

And they lived happily ever after!!

Hope you enjoyed  the photos!  Thanks for visiting!


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